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To manufacturing industry such as Shenzhen · Dongguan · Guangzhou · Zhuhai

Manufacturers coming all over China, including Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other South China districts, are the main targets.

Is not it a trouble with assembly / charger?


I asked for local production in China but failed

There was also a cheap price, we traded with a Chinese manufacturer, but it was full of problems


I could not produce it even at other Japanese companies

A few Japanese companies also asked us, but it was said that they can not produce anywhere


If requested to China local ...

I asked for local production to China but could not do what I requested

We will solve the problem


Mainly assembling companies in the southern part of China · Charger compatible

In the assembly · charger, the main is the order from the company in the southern part of China at present.
Customers who have traditionally long-term relationships occupy a large proportion.

As for the fundamental problem, it is possible to create 99% of the work which other companies could not produce.
We will issue a quotation without fail.


Advanced production equipment

We guarantee high quality products. Chichibu utilizing advanced production facilities, we are processing parts involving numerous assemblies, chargers and special requirements at the request of our business partners.

Strengths unique to Chichibu Precision

Experienced professional "Chichibu Precision"
We will back up to cooperation.

Advanced production equipment

We have plenty of equipments we have ordered from Japan.

Fully compatible with foreign material

We also support various materials.

Overwhelmingly high precision

We are conducting R & D on-site to maintain accuracy.

Abundant inspection and measurement equipment

We are carrying out strict inspections on our own so as to eliminate anxiety points.

100% surely quote

We will make a quote for any project.

We offer the world's desired quality

We are aiming for quality higher than required over 20 years since our establishment.

Japanese 100% correspondence

The Japanese staff are kind and respectfully responsive even on site.

One stop correspondence

We respond from inquiries to production, inspection, delivery to one stop.

Tempo shipped smoothly smoothly

We ship regularly, so we can ship it at a high tempo.

Free consultation is now

Assembly · Charger

We mainly deal with OA equipment manufacturers in Japan and South China.

Is not it a problem with such a thing?
Price does not match

Bad quality

It will not finish according to the delivery date

Manufactured from pulling out aluminum
We make it from aluminum pipe manufacturing / drawing. Made from materials. Most of the other companies buy pipes from outside and process them.

Japanese technology
Learning Japanese technology and developing it up to now

Equipment in Japan
I ordered the Japanese equipment from Japan and use it.

Commitment to institutional accuracy
Since it is manufactured from processing, the pipe is not purchased from the outside, but it manufactures it in-house.

Japanese correspond
The Japanese will correspond in Japanese locally.