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Reason why Chichibu Precision is chosen

Strengths that we are chosen from among many companies with different advantages from other companies

Experienced Japanese Staff

Even Saturdays and Sundays can handle

Staff correspond directly in the field

100% Japanese response

Speed correspondence

Supports various sizes

Achievements for 20 years in local establishment

We will correspond internationally.

Service flow

I will explain the flow from inquiry to after-sales follow-up

  • Inquiries

    Contact form、Or call by phone

  • Confirm drawing

    Please send the drawing

  • Estimate

    I will suggest an estimate

  • Factory tour

    We will propose a factory tour estimate

  • Prototype

    I will suggest an estimate

  • Orders

    After determining all the quantity, customization, etc., after receiving the order form, we will respond to the delivery date and we will move on to the work process。

  • Molding

    After confirming the sample item, approve it, we will mass-produce based on the specification sheet.

  • shipment

    Based on the specifications, packing and shipping will be done.

  • After delivery

    I am doing after-follow.

I was interviewed by a Japanese television station

It is an introduction of the media that we took up.

I got an interview from Japanese TV stations about the efforts in the field of China.

It is a video of about two and a half minutes, but please watch.

Major business partner

Thank you for your patronage.
We will introduce some of the companies that you are dealing through the world.。

Chichibu Precision of Trust and Achievements

Japan founded
Year in China
10 thousand books / month
Shaft production volume
Number of business partners

Thank you for much feedback.

I got it customer's voice I will send you

Dongguan City Changpyeong Y

It was saved because we took care of even a small number of lots.

Dongguan City Changpyeong N

I was worried whether you could handle it with considerable volume, but thank you for responding swiftly.

Baoan District, Shenzhen City

I am surprised to be able to plate such a large part.

Dongguan Mayor Ei-E

It was good that the delivery date was quite close and the order was also on time for delivery.

Dongguan Mayor Anshan O

I was told that I can not do any company, so it was nice to meet you

Dongguan City Changpyeong T

It's good to be able to communicate detailed nuances if it is Japanese correspondence

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer questions from everyone

Q: Can we also handle prototypes?
A:Yes, we correspond. Usually we make it in one week unit. Special materials such as when separately arranging materials are consulted individually.
Q: Can heat treatment and surface treatment be done?
A:Yes, in cooperation with a long-term partner company, we will correspond.
Q:How many pieces can we handle mass-produced products?
A:We correspond from 100 pieces. There is merit according to the volume of the order.
Q:Could you cooperate from the design stage?
A:Yes, we will correspond. We have experience in the past.
Q:What is the opening hours?
A:Business hours will be from 9 am to 6 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be closed.
Q: Can you manufacture engine crankshaft?
A:We are producing for industrial engines. We also have experience in mass production.
Q:Is it possible to manufacture repair parts and maintenance parts?
A:Yes, we are making it. Since there is also a track record, please do not hesitate to consult us.
Q: Can you produce it even with short delivery time?
A:We have also delivered the shortest 2 days delivery. However, if jigs are required, they can not be manufactured in short delivery time. Please contact us first.
Q: Can you produce it even with a single item?
A:Yes, it can be manufactured. We have been consulting individually according to the parts.
Q: Can you also request processing such as spline only long hole only?
A:Yes, we also have partial contractors. Depending on the conditions of various places it may be difficult to undertake. Please ask first.

 Q: Is there quality certification?
A:We have obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO TS 16949 certification.
Q: Do you have an in-house inspection system?
A:Yes, we have. Process inspection, product shipment inspection etc. We have attached inspection records.
Q: Please tell me about RoHS.
A: We are analyzing and managing raw materials by making full use of X-ray analysis equipment and others. We are closely examining the analysis of hazardous substances, etc. to see if they exceed the reference value.
Q: Can you respond to Kanban delivery?
A: Yes, we can. Since there is also a track record, please contact us first.
Q: How long can you make products?
A: Yes, we can accommodate up to 1.5 m at maximum.
Q: How thick can I make products?
A: It is possible to manufacture with sizes from Φ 1 to Φ 300.

Q: How many strokes can be made on the crankshaft?
A: Because it varies greatly depending on the drawing etc, please contact us individually first. On the quotation page of our site you can paste attachment materials and send.
Q: How many cylinders can I have on a crankshaft?
A: It depends on the drawing etc. Please contact us individually. You can send a drawing attached from the quotation page.
Q: What is your favorite crankshaft production?
A: We are good at shafts for machinery and shafts for vehicles.
Q: Can you handle any material?
A: It corresponds to brass (brass), stainless steel, plastic material, aluminum, alloy steel, carbon steel and so on. We also support general free cutting steels.

Professional will respond

A reliable partner with experienced field experience

Anytime, any problems will follow up until resolution. Please get your voice first.

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