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To manufacturing industry such as Shenzhen · Dongguan · Guangzhou · Zhuhai

To the South China District within the deliverable range
OA relation, copy machines, printers, ATM, automotive parts and other plating surface treatments.

Is not it a problem with plating?


It does not go quite as thought quality

Regardless of local company or Japanese affiliated company, I inquired variously, but it does not become quite as good as I want


I can not find a company that can be plated

In the framework of the environmental standard instructed by the government of Shenzhen, there are many cases where the plating factories have not been able to deal with so far, and the factory is suspended and goes bankrupt.


The degree of adhesion of the plating does not rise

It is becoming difficult to raise the degree of adhesion of plating in reverse trying to protect the environment. It is costly to prepare the environment for plating processing.

We will solve the problem

Sometimes you can earn trust from customers by adjusting the environment for plating surface treatment.

Previously it was in Shenzhen but we had earlier responded because we got information saying that the environmental conditions of plating become strict in advance. As a result, the movement was also completed before the tightening against the environmental conditions became strict by the government.

Now we are moving the factory to Huizhou for stable operation. It has already been 14 years since I built a factory.

As Huizhou is in a solid industrial park, there is no tightening against plating surface treatment like done in Shenzhen in the past.


Solved wastewater treatment problem

Although plenty of water is used for plating surface treatment, it is necessary to drain water after allowing the fish to live. Previously, many companies in Shenzhen had a bad cycle saying that complaints from the fishermen to the government caused the fact that the wastewater treatment was carried out without doing it well, and inspections from the government would come.

In Chichibu Precision, we were able to avoid those troubles by entering an industrial park where the environmental conditions including wastewater treatment are solid.

Strengths unique to Chichibu Precision

Experienced professional "Chichibu Precision"
We will back up to cooperation.

Strong against rust

Technical problems such as performing pretreatment firmly have been solved.

Compliance with ISO on the environment

We also acquired ISO 14000, making parts related to the car, it is a part of the steering, but we are plating corresponding to the environment which other companies can not do.

It can quickly cope with mass lots

It can quickly respond to large quantities of lot. Of course small lots are also welcome.
We can accommodate even 3 tons a day, 100 tons as an order volume.

Abundant inspection and measurement equipment

We are carrying out strict inspections on our own so as to eliminate anxiety points.

100% surely quote

We will make a quote for any project.

We offer the world's desired quality

We are aiming for quality higher than required over 20 years since our establishment.

Japanese 100% correspondence

The Japanese staff are kind and respectfully responsive even on site.

One stop correspondence

We respond from inquiries to production, inspection, delivery to one stop.

Tempo shipped smoothly smoothly

We ship regularly, so we can ship it at a high tempo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I take an emergency response?
A. Yes, it is possible.

Q. Can you handle plating in complex three-dimensional form?
A. It is possible to correspond to things with a twisted shape and those with many holes that are complicated and empty. Plating process can be done neatly in any form.

Q. How big can you do?
A. It corresponds from 1 mm for small ones. For No. 1 ornament, it can correspond with a plate of press of width 40 cm. It corresponds also to a plate material of thickness 25 cm. Because we have plating tank which our company possesses large, we will correspond widely.

Q. What kind can we handle?
A. Iron correspondence can correspond at all.

Q. Can we handle small lots?

A.1 It corresponds even from 2 pieces. There are many cases in the sample as well. Of course, we also deal with them.

Q. Can we handle large quantities of lots?
A. Please be assured we can handle even 100 million pieces.

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