Environmental policy

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Environmental policy 2019-01-31T10:07:00+08:00

We are currently facing serious global environmental problems, we will work on environmental protection activities as a management task, and will contribute to solving environmental problems faced by the earth and society.


We will take the seriousness that business activities have a major impact on the environment and continue to promote environmental protection activities on a continuous and systematic basis to contribute to the realization of a richer and harmonious society.

Acquisition of ISO certification

We have acquired certification for the entire company "ISO 14001" international standard for environmental management system.

In the future, we will place environmental issues as a part of our management policy, we will strive to preserve the natural environment and protect resources, and we will proactively propose and provide environmentally friendly products.

Production quality control

Our quality control is based on a strict quality assurance system that provides reliable and consistent feedback throughout the design, manufacturing and service stages. We will meet customer expectations by ensuring continuous progress and quality improvement.